Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Montana Heart Day

So when I heard my Dad's quadruple bypass plus aortic valve replacement was to occur on Valentine's day I thought it was kind of an obvious joke. But today I am doing my best to see all those stupid decorations as a sign that everything is going to be all right. I haven't heard any horror stories and my mind is perfectly confident that it will all go as planned. My stomach says otherwise. Dad seems in good spirits, just anxious to get this whole ordeal over with. So we got up early this morning after sleeping not so great and got going. We got here at 6:45 and I realized this process was not just a drop off but a series of steps to eventual send off. There is check in, then a 5 minute wait until they take him back to get undressed. Mom and him are back there now and Moll and I will join them when he's prepped. I have no idea what that involves. So Thithy and I are waiting. And we both have nervous tummies and wAnt to go to the bathroom but think if we go they will call us. The sunrise was gorgeous. This waiting room has the weirdest vibe. All of these Montanans who haven't slept well and are trying not worry. And everyone seems way sicker than Pop.

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toothpickmoe said...

You could write a blog just about the various doctor's offices and ERs you've been in recently. Good times!