Monday, February 14, 2011

IC, U think you're funny!

So we cashed in our chips, poured the chardonnay, and after the herding group showed at westminster, we called to check on the old man. His nurse informed us that he wanted us to know he was awake but there was no need to come and visit. What?!! He was supposed to be asleep until like March! We drop the turkey chili bowls into the sink and brush our teeth and arrive at the hospital shortly thereafter.

Dude, this guy could do stand up (and I ain't joking!) He was in top comedic form and frankly a little bossy. I think the inability to really smile made his delivery even more dry and hilarious. It was such a joy to see him back in business at least somewhat...I don't know if he'll remember our visit through the drug haze, but I think we are all going to sleep well tonight.

I told him I was blogging and he said he couldn't wait to read it and he said I should add his perspective. He said the last series of things he remembered was being wheeled down a series of corridors he recognized, then a series he didn't know and then into a brightly lit surgical theater with about 8 or 9 people working indutriously. He was given an IV drip and the next thing he knew it was 8:47 pm.

Pretty good drugs, I'd say.

As we were leaving, he did press upon us that he was going to remember more than we thought he could. Maybe all that ribbing earlier? Threat? Promise? Stay tuned!


toothpickmoe said...

Better living through chemistry!

But, really, how was the turkey chili?

Andie said...

oh Kate you slay me.