Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In this new era of hope and pride in our country, I would like to point out the greed and insanity of the cosmetics customer. We have a line around the block because they heard we are giving away one free item due to a class action lawsuit from 1997. These crazed hags have nothing better to do with their time than stand in line for a half an hour to get a free mascara? Really? I would pay $23 not to stand in line. And on top of it all, there is no actual business so all of the employees in here are just leaning on the counters watching the bitches grab their scented body lotion. It's a lesson in patience.

1/19 (A couple days ago...)

Well, the company lost 1100 employees last week. Six of them in my department. They took out an entire line, so minus 4 people right there. And so much for cheap hip color. The email that was sent out by the president of the company was a tough one. We're losing all matching funds for our 401k, and any students that were using our college education program will be paying for school themselves now. The company is also cutting costs by more than 50% in 2009. That means 50% less product to sell, which means a 50% pay cut for those on commission. Which SUCKS. I am pretty jealous of those who got laid off. But at the same time, I know that in this economy it's smarter just to hold on to what you have. But spending forty hours a week to make half of what I was making before seems like a huge waste of time. Especially when my time is at such a premium right now.

I am working on the beginning of a novel and really enjoy doing it once I've started. But starting is the challenge. There are so many justifications for not sitting down at the computer. I also have learn to work when my man is home.

I have gotten involved in a new improv experiment that will start shows in March. It's super fun to spend my Sunday beating people up in slow motion. Also, it's good to throw everything I've learned about improv out the window and to just have fun!

I met with my dietician last week and we started a plan for eating better. Unfortunately, she is pregnant and due in two weeks, so oh well for a lasting relationship. Wah Waaaaaa....Anybody have any good low carb meal ideas? I'm growing weary of meat and cheese and veggies already.

Steppenwolf classes start in just a couple weeks. I think I want to do some comedy.

This week is inspiring. I am looking forward to celebrating MLK day with my friendenwolves tonight and Obama's inauguration tomorrow with tiny Jasper. WE DID IT! I'm with the Obama girls: That speech better be good!