Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shit I like because it has kick ass texture....

Christian Dior L'OR DE VIE LA CRÈME Precious Cream

...this shit has the most anti-oxidants ever or something. Made at Chateau Y'Quem. 

Erno Lazlo 3-9
A healer for sensitive skin, it feels like oil-goo which a word I just made up.

Mario Badescu Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15 is a favorite of a really affordable brand. Combination skin, come hither and feel the magic.

Kiehls - Ultra Facial Moisturizer have you figured out how much I love and appreciate SIMPLE SHIT?

Simple! Unless it's really fancy. Then I like that, too. Like La Prairie Skin Caviar. While you're at it, get the large size for $695. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kicking it 1993 style....

OLAY Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid
The most basic moisturizer out there. Great for a normal to combo skin. Simple and smells like heaven.

But now I'm hearing that Olay Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, Pro-x, is as good as La Mer. I haven't tried it and I really want to. Have any of my loyal readers? As soon as I get my tax return I'm going to Target and having a party so I can review more drugstore stuff!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why do I always forget about this line?

Fresh Creme Ancienne Moisturizing Skin Cream is made by monks. I do not kid. Monks in the Czech republic. It is reeeeeeaaaallly heavy cream but if you wake it up (warm it between your fingers or hands) it won't sit on the surface of your skin for a year and a half. It has no parabens and is based on a recipe from the 2nd century AD that was meant to heal the wounds of Gladiators. Srsly, people this cream is an effing ADVENTURE.

But the thing that makes me weep with happiness is Fresh Elixir Ancien Face Treatment Oil. It reads like a Whole Foods aisle (LIMNANTHES ALBA (MEADOWFOAM) SEED OIL SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (JOJOBA) SEED OIL TRITICUM VULGARE (WHEAT) GERM OIL HIPPOPHAE RHAMNOIDES OIL RIBES NIGRUM (BLACK CURRANT) SEED OIL COMMIPHORA MYRRHA EXTRACT ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (ROSEMARY) LEAF EXTRACT) and is madeby hand just like the cream. One application of this stuff and your skin is plump and radiant. I know, it's spendy but this your FACE people.

Quick shout out to my buddy who reminded me of this stuff. He is handsome. And wrong about the evils of mineral oil. I love mineral oil.

Monday, March 8, 2010

La Mer is my boyfriend.

Anyone who has ever hated their skin knows how powerless it can feel.. Creme de La Mer  is a fixer. It makes dry skin heal itself, redness disappear, and even reduces inflammation. The story is true, Max Huber was a scientist who burned his face and spent 16 some odd years creating a cream that would heal his scars and sensitivity.  He made this from algae and marine stuff and magic fermentation processes. And it works. Even better, turns out wrinkles are a lot like old scars and this shit will help lines look less deep. I swear by the cream. It saved my face from eczema that I had been suffering for years. And I was a skeptic. Yes, the formula is the same, even though Estee Lauder bought the company from his family after Dr. Huber passed away. And yes, it is still hand packaged. And no, it's not as expensive as you think. $130 an ounce is about the same as the high end creams from a million brands.

La Mer The Moistruizing Lotion is the same Miracle Broth but in a lighter texture. Good for daytime or more normal skin. But does the same thing.

Do you have oily skin? All of these same ingredients will heal even cystic acne. La Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion is oil free  and super light. It balances the skin, sometimes even faster than ProActive.

La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream  is sometimes mistaken for a dry skin cream. It is soooo not. It is for a combination skin that isn't oily enough for the La Mer The Oil Absorbing Lotion . I kinda hate that they introduced this texture. It really gives very little moisture and confuses everyone.