Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, it's a new year. And with it comes a renewed sense of well, something. Besides all of the weight I will lose, the novel I will write, and the full-time acting gig I will attain, I also hope to be a little happier, a little less stressful, and generally a little more adventurous.

The economy is still in the toilet, but I have found recently, that the more I ignore the news, the more money I make. The Boss says to hold on 'til the spring as Cosmetics is being restructured. Instead of straight 9% commission we'll be hourly plus 3%. Will we be assigned to a particular vendor? Will everyone be on the same pay rate, or will there still be artists on just hourly? Will I make less money? So many questions...

I basically need to do everything in my power to get a new source of income. I need to think outside the box. Can I find a way to bring home the bacon without working 9 to 5? What are transitional ways to work less for more money? Can I find a job that is more challenging and more fulfilling, or are all jobs just a means to an end and populated with idiots? Let's hope not.

I wish everyday was New Year's, overflowing with energy and promise. Let's see how long I can keep up this frame of mind. Here's to resolutions!! Viva la resolutiones!

PS Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner. I like the charcoal color. It stays on for days.