Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So every 6 months there is a mother of a sale. It's called friends and family, but if these crazy bitches were either of those things I would eat a handful of rat poison. And this year, it is half as lucrative, which makes it EVEN LESS bearable. The whole idea is to make a ridiculous amount of money to make up for the years it takes off your life in stress. Last year I rang about $50,000 or 4500 in commission. If I make $35,000 this year it will be a miracle. That is a $1400 pay cut for yours truly. Hells yeah!

And starting in June, I will be living through a pay cut of about $10000 a year. And my man just got his weekends, which were overtime heavy, cut entirely. And we owe the IRS $3000, due to general assholery at my man's studio. AND our Bank of America credit card just sent us a letter that basically informed us that we needed to call them if we didn't want our APR to go to 22%. So we called. Which was kind of a big deal, since we usually throw that kind of fine print credit card mail away. And we get to keep our 4% APR. But if we use the card it goes to 22%. Translation: they just closed our fucking credit card for no reason. We doubled the minimum for years, carried a balance and were never late with a payment. Obviously we fucked up. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

So things are well at the ranch. Maybe I'll get skinny, due to lack of food affordability. Thank God I can get Clarins Body Lift free around here.

And I'll have to get more self-disciplined about this whole acting and writing thing, because classes sure are off the table for the moment. Wow. Being terrifically talented and toiling in obscurity is sure getting overrated.

Note to self:
I should have spec scripts on file for: Law and Order, House, How I Met Your Mother, and suggestions....? Then I would just have a packet I could force on every lit agent in the city. Or I could order a cocktail and mime another cigarette....