Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This was written on 5/12

I know. I know. It's been forever since we've talked. So much to cover and so little...ambition. Let's start off with today.

PR, my friend and photographer and co-worker came back from disability today. And my heart nearly leaped from my chest!! I was so happy to see a friendly face in the crowd once again. She just wemt through severe shoulder surgery, and I'm so glad she's healthy. And we immediately made a date to do some photos and play with my...

NEW KITTEN! On Sunday, I adopted a new little 9 week old kitten. His name is Wayne. And it turns out everyone hates that name. Even me, a little. But it turns out it really fits him somehow. And he looks like a bat. Thus the Bruce Wayne reference. Also calling him Lil Wayne is hilarious.

The best part about adopting Wayne was being utterly irresponsible. I totally ditched work, saying I was going to lunch, instead going all the way to Santa Monica and mulling over rescue cats for TWO HOURS. I never pull that kind of shit with work, but I really have been at the end of my rope. People were looking for me and The Boss finally called my cell, knowing I was probably cat shopping. I ended up bringing the new little boy back to work with me and he lived in The Boss's office for two hours while I finished up my shift. Thank god Wayne is so cute and won The Boss over, otherwise I could have been in deep shit for walking out on work for almost 3 hours. Oops. And as much guilt as I felt driving back to work with a howling kitten, it was mostly about getting trouble. I didn't care about leaving my co-workers in the lurch or missing sales. It felt great to rebel and be irresponsible and not be so careful and rule driven all the time.

I am looking forward the Lost Finale.