Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Need I say more?

Two Days Post Surgery....and that Dr. Fitzgerald turned out to be quite a looker!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ICU are running out of things to do with the letters I C and U.

Sleep was goooooood. Got to the hospital and found Le Pop up and at em. Eating breakfast and sitting in a chair are the main things we do this morning. They detatched about a gizillion tubes with only a gazillion left to go. Dad seems really glad it's over and I can tell he is just aching to be 100% already. The drugs are still good but he claims full memory of our visit last night. We will test him later. Looks like one more night in ICU before we get a real room...standard procedure so they can get the blood sugar levels at their healing optimum. Don't expect there will be much to report today, but standby to standby.

Monday, February 14, 2011

IC, U think you're funny!

So we cashed in our chips, poured the chardonnay, and after the herding group showed at westminster, we called to check on the old man. His nurse informed us that he wanted us to know he was awake but there was no need to come and visit. What?!! He was supposed to be asleep until like March! We drop the turkey chili bowls into the sink and brush our teeth and arrive at the hospital shortly thereafter.

Dude, this guy could do stand up (and I ain't joking!) He was in top comedic form and frankly a little bossy. I think the inability to really smile made his delivery even more dry and hilarious. It was such a joy to see him back in business at least somewhat...I don't know if he'll remember our visit through the drug haze, but I think we are all going to sleep well tonight.

I told him I was blogging and he said he couldn't wait to read it and he said I should add his perspective. He said the last series of things he remembered was being wheeled down a series of corridors he recognized, then a series he didn't know and then into a brightly lit surgical theater with about 8 or 9 people working indutriously. He was given an IV drip and the next thing he knew it was 8:47 pm.

Pretty good drugs, I'd say.

As we were leaving, he did press upon us that he was going to remember more than we thought he could. Maybe all that ribbing earlier? Threat? Promise? Stay tuned!

(I will) CU later Mr. Ventilator!

We made asses of ourselves yelling, "Dad! Open your eyes!Squeeze my hand!" until he finally woke up enough for us to make a graceful exit (we ran like hell)and they removed the massive tube down his throat and several mustache hairs. Upon our return, he tried to smile and could shake his head at our antics. He especially liked it when we made fun of him...a true McKiernan. He is being resedated and deserves a pretty effing awesome vitamin M nap!! We live you Pop!

ICU looking at me!


We heard that it would be shocking to see him after such invasive surgery, but I swear he looked good. Our ICU nurse, Melissa said all his machines and numbers and thingys and bobbers were reading strong and positive and that with a little luck o'the Irish we might get that horrid tube/ventilater out tonight before she goes home at 7pm. I learned that he won't remember pretty near anything until sometime tomorrow. So he will wake up soon...and they will let him do that naturally, then check to make sure he has a couple of his faculties, like movement, then sedate him again so he can heal and gradually regain consciousness in a gentle way. He should be awake and pretty incoherant but awake tomorrow morning. 

So mom and I came home to feed a sweet Sheepdog and shake out the day a bit, Moll is on DadWatch 2011. We will return shortly for a peek. Then home again during shift change (6:30-8:30) and maybe one quick look again after dinner. Since he is going to be out (to lunch, of the building,) tonight we will all try to get some good rest and return in the AM. Tomorrow he will be not all there (two sandwiches short of a picnic, lights on nobody home) but will at least know we are present. Then the next step is getting him well enough to get out of the ICU so I can control the TV at long last.

Thank you all for the love and support, and to answer that burning question: the sandwich was great. I had it toasted.

He's Out!

Everything went perfect and we will see him in 20 minutes. He now is in the ICU for approximately 24 hours. We are so excited that it went so fast and well and hope it speaks to a speedy recovery.

Of course the much anticipated trip to subway meant Moll and I missed meeting the surgeon. As I rounded the corner to return to the waiting room I saw him walking away and I'm afraid I can't give more of a description than short and in scrubs.

Noon Update

A couple of former co-workers stopped in to say hi to us in the waiting room. We are so the lifers in this prison. Everyone has come and gone except us. The Ladies McKiernan are eagerly anticipating a Subway sandwich from the lower level in an hour or so.

How would it be to be the surgical waiting room volunteer? Who are these women? They man the phones and keep people informed about recovery rooms. Lord how boring, stressful, and thankless.

Also the endless TLC channel about birthing babies is about to send me into my own cardiac arrest.

No news is good news.

Mmmm Breakfast

Nothing better than cafeteria food. But you can't mess up bacon. Hot Nurse Travis just called and let us know they have started and everything is going well. Mollie went to run with Oliver and may or may not come back since she can't find her way around this hospital with a map. Speaking of lack of talent, I will now try to knit something that doesn't look like a pile of knots.

There are a lot of people to make fun of in this waiting room but I would come off as a city snob and completely insensitive. You can't make fun of physical problems in a hospital. I guess the glory of my jury duty blog cannot be repeated.

The List of Folks That Better Bring Their A Game

Dr. Jason Fitzgerald Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Probert (no first name given) Anesthesiologist
Travis - Hot Surgical Nurse (hellllooo nurse!)

Connie the prep nurse already made us feel confident and the tech that shaved Pop was in his employee orientation class in 1998 when he started working here. So we are among friends.

Dad was already on The Vitamin M and oxygen when we got to say "see you later" so he was feeling a-ok. Here goes.

I would like to state for the record I am the most awkward hugger ever.

Also I really regret not getting a before pic with that awesome silver cap.

Happy Montana Heart Day

So when I heard my Dad's quadruple bypass plus aortic valve replacement was to occur on Valentine's day I thought it was kind of an obvious joke. But today I am doing my best to see all those stupid decorations as a sign that everything is going to be all right. I haven't heard any horror stories and my mind is perfectly confident that it will all go as planned. My stomach says otherwise. Dad seems in good spirits, just anxious to get this whole ordeal over with. So we got up early this morning after sleeping not so great and got going. We got here at 6:45 and I realized this process was not just a drop off but a series of steps to eventual send off. There is check in, then a 5 minute wait until they take him back to get undressed. Mom and him are back there now and Moll and I will join them when he's prepped. I have no idea what that involves. So Thithy and I are waiting. And we both have nervous tummies and wAnt to go to the bathroom but think if we go they will call us. The sunrise was gorgeous. This waiting room has the weirdest vibe. All of these Montanans who haven't slept well and are trying not worry. And everyone seems way sicker than Pop.