Mommy Makeovers!

Dear Counter Intuitive,
I know you're not (strictly speaking) an advice column, but, darn it all, I need some.
I was a stay at home mom for 7 years, and have now gone back to work. After years of the jeans and chapstick look, I need to look more like... um... a grown up.
I'm 3 hours away from a 'big city' - so all we hav...e to work with is Target and a pint-sized Macy's (which has the only escalator in town. Seriously.)
Help! Where do I get the most bang for my buck - and what should I avoid at all costs?
Gratefully yours,
Pathetically Needing Wisdom in the Pacific NorthWest...

Natalie! You are not alone! I am making you a list of stuff that can be found at Target or Macy's that will transfer you from muted mommy to professional presentable in like five minutes. But seriously. Give yourself five minutes. Don't do your makeup in the car!

You need foundation. Suck it up. Yes, it's messy and makes you feel all gooky, but you must. Now, you don't have to go crazy. Try Clinique Almost makeup. I also like Neutrogena Healthy skin. If at Target, and you can't decide color, you might need two.

Blush. Pink. If you put on your foundation you need it to bring back some cheek color. I know, you think you're red already, but blush is different than alcoholic flush. Oh wait, I'm talking about me. I like Estee Lauder and L'Oreal Feel Natural Blush...look for nude rose/mocha rose type names but keep it pink.

Mascara. Get some volume thingy. Make lashes thicker. Almost anything will do. I love Lancome Hypnose. Try the red one that has volume in the name at Target. I can't remember exact brand. More wine!

A nice berry lip gloss or sheer lipstick that defines your lips. Otherwise I will make you wear a lipliner. So choose something 2 shades deeper than the lips on your face. I can't see you but try Clinique long last soft shine. At Target? Revlon, but not creamy...more on the sheer side. Their site is down so I can't tell you what kind.

Can I convince you to do cream colored eyeshadow and a dark brown eyeliner? Clinique Quickliner in Black/Brown and French Vanilla eyeshadow. C'mon. You can do it. Try. For me.