Saturday, October 3, 2009

Books Books Books

I got a kindle. And I loooooove it. I have read 19 books on it so far, so I thought I would change the tone around here.

(Update: Cosmetics sucks. I took a paycut of 50% and am now stuck behind a fragrance counter with no one to talk to, so I read. On the aforementioned Kindle.)

I am writing book reviews. I never have before, but it seems like a good use of my workday. I have the last 19 to start with, so I'm going for an every other day thing at first.

My first review is of the Kindle. Stephen King was my deciding factor. He basically said a story is a story no matter how you read it or hear it or see it. So the Kindle is just another REALLY CONVENIENT delivery system for books. OMG, you wouldn't believe the fervor and outrage this purchase has caused in friends and strangers alike. Turns out people feel really threatened by something that isn't a book. People who never read start getting up on soapboxes and singing the praises of bound pages, and the smell of the paper, and the turning of the pages. I repeat: most of these people DON'T READ regularly. The only exception I must mention, is my librarian friend, who for obvious reasons, isn't a fan. So this is my question; if I love the feel of a heavy phone handset and the purr and whirr of a rotary dial, why in the world would I own a cell phone? The do the same thing, right? Well, yes, but technology has mad advances that make calling people easier more efficient so I use THAT instead. Hey my house is full of bound media that I love but now I can carry 6 books with me at one time, hell, 1500 books, and it all fits in my purse. Waaaay more efficient. So stop acting so superior about your love of the printed word and pick a book and prove it.

The one downside is that I can no longer lend my books out. But I'm trying to figure out how to jump that hurdle. It involves buying a Kindle, friends, so save your pennies. A special thanks to my family who all pitched in with Amamzon Gift Certificates for my Birthday. Best. Gift. Ever.