Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Sat

Sorry about the long interval between entries, it's been a long week. Thanks to all my loyal readers for the thoughts and sympathy regarding Miss Emma. There is a feeling of release coming out of all the stress and guilt, finally. And Otis T. Whitecat is having a hell of a time taking over as king of the house. He's with us constantly. So adorable.

Business is slightly improved and stock prices have gone up. Black Friday was concentrated on bags and shoes, leaving cosmetics with tumbleweeds blowing through. Money is tight, kiddos, if it ain't on sale, it ain't leaving the store. And make-up is not on sale. It is Saturday and I am bored stiff.

Featured product of the day: The Estee Lauder Blockbuster. With any fragrance purchase you can buy this huuuuuuge set of make-up for just $48! 20 eye shadows, 4 blushes, mascara, 4 lipsticks, gloss, all in a fancy case. I loooove it. It's like those sets you got from your grandmother in the '80's and played with until it was just a pile of brown powder. Very retro/childhood-y!

Had a good time finishing the Sanford book, and Miss EM lent me "Three Bags Full," a mystery about a murdered shepherd whose flock is going to solve the crime. As told from the sheep's perspective. Exceptionally cute, but a bit frustrating because these sheep aren't very smart, well, maybe for sheep they are, but the story is moving a little slow.

Just a little spicy gossip: Two cosmetic girls were caught kissing in the parking lot!!!

I am currently obsessed with making turkey soup out of Thanksgiving leftovers!

The show for the all-store meeting on Friday is shaping up to be a good one!! PR and I did a photo shoot around the store yesterday in preparation. Hilarious. There is a picture of a stranger telling me I'm a "bad girl."

God, I really need to get my nails done.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Special Home Edition

circa 2007

circa 1995

Usually my gimmick is that I write this on the register at work, covertly, on the sly. But today's is written from home, mostly because I wanted to include a picture of my cat, Emma, who passed away yesterday. We put her down after she gave me fifteen years of love and, well, the secrets she knew...I can't even say. She went down a fighter. After spending the whole weekend in bed with her, both of us purring, (barring the goodness of my friends to feed me and make me watch "Twilight,") the minute we showed up at the vet she went into full "extremely irritable"-ness, growling and hissing, but unable to really stand on those stupid hips of hers. She made me feel pretty bad, but I would expect nothing less from that bitchy little cat. I think, after sleeping on it, I can say with confidence, I did the right thing. Thank you, Emma, for being my girl, and I really miss you.

Today is an event at work. If we get any business I will be impressed. I also need to finish my xmas shopping...double discount ends tomorrow.

Favorite cosmetic item of the day: Check out the John Varvatos for women scent. Mmm...peachy!