Monday, February 14, 2011

Mmmm Breakfast

Nothing better than cafeteria food. But you can't mess up bacon. Hot Nurse Travis just called and let us know they have started and everything is going well. Mollie went to run with Oliver and may or may not come back since she can't find her way around this hospital with a map. Speaking of lack of talent, I will now try to knit something that doesn't look like a pile of knots.

There are a lot of people to make fun of in this waiting room but I would come off as a city snob and completely insensitive. You can't make fun of physical problems in a hospital. I guess the glory of my jury duty blog cannot be repeated.


toothpickmoe said...

You can at least make fun of their clothes, right?

Glad to hear everything is up and running.

Mick said...

I echo TPM's comment and am glad thing are going as expected....