Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ICU are running out of things to do with the letters I C and U.

Sleep was goooooood. Got to the hospital and found Le Pop up and at em. Eating breakfast and sitting in a chair are the main things we do this morning. They detatched about a gizillion tubes with only a gazillion left to go. Dad seems really glad it's over and I can tell he is just aching to be 100% already. The drugs are still good but he claims full memory of our visit last night. We will test him later. Looks like one more night in ICU before we get a real room...standard procedure so they can get the blood sugar levels at their healing optimum. Don't expect there will be much to report today, but standby to standby.

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toothpickmoe said...

As you noted earlier, no gnus is good gnus right now. Have fun and watch out for the tubes.