Monday, February 14, 2011

Noon Update

A couple of former co-workers stopped in to say hi to us in the waiting room. We are so the lifers in this prison. Everyone has come and gone except us. The Ladies McKiernan are eagerly anticipating a Subway sandwich from the lower level in an hour or so.

How would it be to be the surgical waiting room volunteer? Who are these women? They man the phones and keep people informed about recovery rooms. Lord how boring, stressful, and thankless.

Also the endless TLC channel about birthing babies is about to send me into my own cardiac arrest.

No news is good news.


toothpickmoe said...

The best part about Subway sandwiches is that they don't taste like anything and are therefore very unoffensive.

As I sat in the ER waiting room last week I had a similar thought about all the workers I saw. Why in hell would they work in such a hectic place?

Maybe you'll get to see baby animals being born soon, just to break it up a bit.

mk said...

TLC shows the worlds most terrifying programs. Except Toddlers & Tiaras, that ish is brilliant. Love yoooou!!